Please read prior to scheduling

1.    We require that you are home for your appointments unless told otherwise by one of us.  While we do offer this option we can only offer it to clients that we have met and have a relationship with.  We can’t always know how dogs/cats are going to respond to someone being in their home when the owner is not present whether we’ve been there before or not.  We can only offer this option on a case by case basis.  When determining if we can accommodate this request we have to consider not only how the dog/cat will respond to us coming in when no one is home but also we have to consider how they respond to their grooming session.

2.    No-show appointments are subject to be charged the full amount of the original appointment. We reserve the right to charge up to the full amount of the original appointment due to lost revenue caused by a “no-show”.  We must receive notification 48 hours prior to our arrival if you need to cancel, this allows us time to fill your cancelled appointment with other clients.  We have the our appointment scheduler set to send reminders 7 days prior to our arrival and if you are unable to keep this appointment the scheduler gives an option to cancel the appointment without risk of incurring a cancellation fee.  If we show up to your house and no one is home at the scheduled time then we will charge the missed appointment fee.

3.    All appointments are tentative until about a month out. While we do offer having a rotating appointment set for the year we only have our routing set a month in advance. We have tried to have set routes and they just don't work, there are too many variables for things like; cancellations, sick animals, vacations, trailer repair, etc. We also do not work the same schedule every week. For all of these reasons the only way that we can make it all work is if we set our routes a month in advance, anything further out than that is tentative. 

4.     We ask that you are home at the very least an hour prior to our scheduled arrival time.  We will do our very best to text/call as soon as we are on our way with an estimated time of arrival.  It is very difficult for us to adhere to exact timing due to not knowing how each individual appointment will go.  We are almost always walking into an unknown situation; grooming requests change, dogs/cats can be matted, puppies are wiggly, we may be struggling with a difficult groom, traffic, trains, construction, etc.  I promise that we are trying our hardest to get to you close to the time that we have scheduled but appointment times are tentative due to the nature of the business and compounded by the nature of traffic and all of the things that entails.  If you require a definite arrival time please request the first appointment of the day or weekend but keep in mind that these appointment times go fast and we cannot always grant this request within the time frame you are requesting.

5.    We do charge $1/minute for anything that requires extra time and could be prevented by keeping your dog/cat on a 4 to 6 week grooming schedule.  All of our prices listed online are for dogs/cats that are kept on a 4 to 6 week grooming schedule.  Things that we will charge extra for include but are not limited to; excessive matting that needs to be shaved, excessive matting that we need to brush, excessively long nails that require extra time, excessively dirty ears that require more care and excessively dirty/oily dogs that require more washes. We will make the determination during the groom as to what that charge might be, we cannot give estimates.

6.    We will charge extra for dogs/cats that are aggressive or dogs/cats that do not respond well to grooming causing us to take extra time desensitizing them to the process.  This price is variable and depends on the degree of difficulty that we are dealing with.  If you know your dog is difficult please tell us prior to us finding out during the groom.  It’s a safety issue, we don’t want to get hurt and we certainly don’t want your pet to get hurt.  We do use muzzles when needed to keep everyone safe. If we need to split your appointment into more than one session due to difficulty please anticipate and added cost for this.  We don’t mind breaking up an appointment and sometimes we require it to make it easier on your pet but it does take a lot more of our time to do something like this and we will charge accordingly.

7.    Anticipate us going over grooming every time we come.  Grooming requests change all of the time so we will always ask what you would like for the groom on the day we are out.  We will also ask if any special requirements are needed, this would be the time to let us know about; special shampoos needed, injuries, changes in behavior, health issues, etc.

8.    In the event of inclement weather/family emergency/illness we will contact you to reschedule your appointment and we will make every attempt to find the soonest appointment available that works with your schedule.

9.    We will cancel an appointment for fleas.  If we arrive to an appointment and find fleas prior to grooming we will cancel the appointment and you will be charged for the full price of the appointment.  We will not groom a dog/cat with fleas.  We have to think of all of our other clients and we do not want to pass fleas on.  My own dog is allergic to fleas and if she gets bit by only one flea she will break out in hives, skin infection, etc., causing me hundreds of dollars in vet bills and medications.  It’s not worth it for me to risk this for my own dog and I would not risk it for any of our clients either.  If by chance your dog does make it through part of the groom without us noticing fleas we will stop the groom wherever it stands and we will charge for the full grooming session whether we finished or not and then we will charge an additional $40 to de flea the trailer.

10.    All payments are due on the day we perform a service. We require invoices to be paid by the end of business day on the day of receipt otherwise risk a $3/day late charge.

11.   If your animal is sick or not acting normal we require that you tell us. If we come all the way out to your house only to find that we are unable to groom due to illness we will charge for the full price of the appointment. This is a confirmed appointment slot that we were depending on and could have been filled with another client. It is a waste of our time and a loss of money for something that could easily be rescheduled. If your animal is not feeling well or if you're just not sure please reach out to us and ask us. We will always get them back into our schedule when they are healthy, you will not be required to wait until their next appointment for a groom. We save room in our scheduling for things like this.

12. We require that you have your animal ready for us prior to arrival, specifically cats. We are no longer able to chase cats around the house, under beds, behind furniture, etc. Cats are quite difficult to catch when they want to be. We need for them to be ready for us prior to arrival. We recommend putting them in their crate or at the very least putting them in the bathroom and closing the door until we arrive where we are willing to go into the bathroom to retrieve them. If we are unable to access the cat/dog then you will still be charged for the full price of the appointment.