What Clients Are Saying

I love love love this service. It's so nice to be able to have the ladies pull up and take care of both of my dogs. I have one dog who didn't have the best start in life and is scared of most people. He's usually still as a statue when picked up but afterwards, wags his tail and runs around with his toys. My other dog, the cockapoo, looks fabulous after his grooming and is also very happy. That's really what its all about other than the major convenience factor. I highly recommend this service!!

Brenda Graham

I have never been happier with a grooming service!! I have a super sweet, friendly GSD who had a really bad experience with a past groomer. She has been timid about grooming ever since. Paramount was amazing!! They were so gentle, confident, and calm. It was clear that they were knowledgeable about her needs. I was immediately put at ease by their professionalism. I very much appreciate that Alex's comfort level was a priority. Above all, after all the grooming, Alex appeared totally relaxed, playful, and TOTALLY NOT stressed!! In the past, when I picked her up at the groomer, she would literally pull me out of the building! With Jessica, she was actually looking for more affection and attention!! Thank you Paramount for your work!!! Finally.... I no longer have to be stressed out when thinking about getting Alex groomed! She looks beautiful!!!

Amber Goodlock

We have a Pyrenees and a little mutt- both hated to go to the groomers but they love the mobile grooming! It's fast, well done and at a great price. Highly recommend!

Paula Eckert

So happy with the service we got. These ladies are great! Both our dogs looked great and they were so patient with our nervous one. Give them a try, you won't be disappointed!

Jenny Pike